Constant quality. Constantly.


The same high-quality products every time with KOMA’s reliable installations.

We are leaders in the development, production, installation, and maintenance of cooling and conditioning devices. Our extensive product portfolio consists of both stand-alone and central installations. We make sure that you can cool and condition your products, without risk, without interruption, and at the lowest possible cost. And you can be sure that your products are of the same high quality. Every time. Every production run.

How can we guarantee that?

First of all, we use our expertise in preparing and storing nearly all types of bread and pastry. We have built up this profound, specialist knowledge in more than 80 years of cooperation with bakers across the world. We use our expertise to design installations that fulfil all your production needs, and then develop and produce high-quality installations. On top of this, our expert technicians ensure meticulous installation and maintenance, so we can guarantee the reliability of our installations and the quality of your products. And even in the very unlikely event that something is not quite right, our 24/7 monitoring system will inform you in good time.

Thousands of bakeries the world over rely on us. They can depend on our total commitment. We never cut corners when it comes to the quality of their products and the reliability of our installations.

Constant quality. Constantly.