Important message for KOMA CDS-A, CDS-B en MONOCEL 1 users.

We are taken the opportunity to inform you upon an update on repairing KOMA control panels from the generation CDS-A, CDS-B und MONOCEL.

We are facing the situation here that some technical parts are no longer avaiable and there are no alternatives in the market place.


Based on this issue we inform you that as from january 1st we are not able to repair the CDS-A, CDS-B und MONOCEL control panels any more. In case of technical failures please contact the KOMA service department.


The existing CDS-A, CDS-B und MONOCEL control panels who are connected today will be monitored by our service department in the future this sservice keeps in place.


Best regards,


KOMA sales- and serviceteam

Important message from the shareholders of KOMA

Dear readers,


the KOMA shareholders made some structural changes with respect to the management of KOMA. In this process Mr. O. Graff and Mr. G. Franssen are as per July 17th-2015 no longer connected to KOMA or any of its subsidiary offices / branches. We would like to thank Mr. O. Graff and Mr. G. Franssen for their efforts and loyalty. With the appointment of our new Managing Director Mrs. C. Vluggen, KOMA is well prepared and ready for the future. We wish Mrs. C. Vluggen all the best in her new and challenging job.


KOMA Shareholers