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Deep freezer cabinet

VHD: Storage cabinets in various sizes (-18°C / -28°C)

Deep-freeze storage cabinet, ideally suited for producing stocks of smaller batches. Due to its modular design (2 storage drawers) the VHD cabinet can be easily adapted to the requirements of the specific place where it is to be used. Up to six 2-doors sections can be integrated, VHD-12.

The system can be connected to a main water drain, but is delivered as standard with a condensation tub, so that extra work is not essential. The interior is entirely of stainless steel. The corners of the individual storage drawers are rounded. In hygiene terms, the VHD system therefore meets the highest standard. The chiller circuit is made up of high quality components. The right balance between the semi-hermetic compressors, evaporator and condensor systems ensure adequate chilling power. The temperature, defrost cycle and energy saving, etc, are controlled completely automatically by the KOMA KControl computer unit.

System description

  • VHD deep freezer cabinet system for small batches
  • KOMA KControl computerised control system
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Extremely robust and long-lasting
  • 8 cm PU-insulation
  • Stainless steel interiors, white on the outside (optionally in stainless steel)

SVHD: Door cabinet system (+15°C / -28°C)

With its SVHD cabinet KOMA offers you a technically perfected solution for storing both semi-finished and finished patisserie products as well as unbaked products.

  • SVHD deep-freeze and/or recovery cabinet without humidification
  • SVHD-2 with a temperature range of -20°C /+15°C
  • SVHD-2E with a temperature range of -18°C /-28°C