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Fully automatic conditioning unit

SDCC-Unit: type SW or PW for a wagon (-20°C / +35°C)

The ready-to-use dough-conditioning fully automatic machine offers even in the smalles spaces the perfect technology of our "big" CDS SunRiser. In your bakery or branch, it offers you the greatest power on the smallest floor space. This way the high quality of your products is always guaranteed. 

System description

  • Technique of the "big" CDS SunRiser
  • KOMA KControl computerised control system
  • Remote monitoring
  • Ready-to-use in no time


  • 8/12 cm PU insulation
  • White front and panels (optionally in stainless steel) with stainless steel edge
  • Massive 4 cm stainless steel tub base
  • For wagons of 64x87x176 cm or 70x90x198 cm (LxWxH)