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H-80/20 Systeem

Deep freezer storage cabinets with blast freezer section in variable sizes (-15°C / -38°C)

KOMA cabinet insulation consists of polyurethane hard foam (free from CFCs, high pressure foam) and is produced in the sandwich system according to the conical bracketing method (no bonded industrial panel). Through the modular construction with two hatches each (arranged above each other) per section, the system can be optimally optimised according to the existing availability. 

Even after several years the installations can be extended, by placing one or more sections. The H-Cabinet is mounted on adjustable stainless steel supports, so that no cumbersome changes to the soil are needed. The inside of the installation is made of stainless steel. The corners of the storage compartments are completed. The water drain is integrated on the inside.

In the areas of hygiene, the H-Cabinet meets the highest standards. Of course, the individual doors are equipped with heating of the doors.

System description 

  • H-typen cabinet with blast freezing
  • Adjustable blast freezing times
  • Extremely robust and long-lasting
  • KOMA KContol computerised control system
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • 8 cm PU insulation
  • Stainless steel interiors, white front and sides (optionally in stainless steel)

H-80/20 System and KControl

When blast freezing, the system makes approximately 80% of its capacity available available to the blast freezing section, while 20% of the power is used for the remaining storage drawers. The KOMA KControl computerised manages all this. The chiller circuit is assembled form high quality components that meet the stringent Dutch STEK standard. The right balance between the semi-hermetic compressors, evaporator and condenser systems ensure adequate chilling power.