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KTT Blizzard

Blast freezing tunnel with floor/wall-mounted evaporators (-18°C / -38°C)

Solid construction, maximum refrigeration capacity, innovative evaporator design and intelligent airflow – these are the essential features of the high-performance Blizzard blast freezer. High output rates of up to 1,000 kg per hour are within the standard performance range. Thanks to its wall-mounted evaporators with extremely large surfaces and widely spaced plates its design capacity accommodates large quantities of oven-hot goods.

System description

  • Push-through blast freezing system
  • Stand evaporator with high capacity for blast freezing
  • Chiller circuit conforming to the stringent STEK-standard
  • KOMA KControl computerised control system
  • Remote monitoring capability


  • 12/16 cm PU isolation
  • Insulated 3 mm stainless steel tub base
  • Stainless steel air feed system
  • Stainless steel inside and outside


  • NRE soundproofing housing
  • KRC RackCommander rack transport system
  • Optical and acoustic alarm device
  • Condensate outlet built into the floor
  • Electric sliding doors
  • Glycol underfloor heating