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Deep freeze storage units

UVD: for packaged or already frozen products (-18°C / -28°C) without led power

The products are blast frozen to the core, which enhances product quality. Owing to its design, without controlled air flow management, the UVD deep freeze store is unsuitable for storing unpacked goods. Instead, it is far more suitable for deep frozen storage of cartons or pallets with prefrozen goods. 

UVR or UVR Recovery: Air duct through a reduced ceiling with a short pressure wall

In contrast to the UVD, the UVR deep freeze cell is fitted with a system ceiling and a short pressure wall for air flow management. The goods are therefore not exposed completely to the uncontrolled air flow. Accordingly, the UVR can also be used as short-term storage for fresh produce. 

RDV or RDV Recovery: Air duct through a reduced ceiling with a long pressure wall

With its system ceiling and long pressure wall, the RDV enables fresh products to be stored for up to eight days. Owing to its design, with a long pressure wall, and thus indirect air flow management, the goods are not exposed to an uncontrolled air flow. The result is that they are protected against unwanted capillary migration of moisture and drying out.
The ceiling and the short pressure wall in the RDV allow to preserve fresh, unpacked product up to eight days. The RDC is built to protect your products against dehydration. 

System description

  • Powerful evaporators and compressors
  • KOMA KControl computerised control system
  • Remote monitoring
  • Long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting 
  • Optional PLC-Control
  • Optional slow-recovery -20°C / +20°C


  • Swing door or KOMA air curtain
  • Glycol sub-freezing protection heating possible
  • NRE soundproofing
  • KDS blast freezing point and timer function