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Universele storage units

Universal storage and chilling system (+2°C / +8°C)

The storage and cooling cells of KOMA are from first class of KOMA-panels manufactured and at you by the own trained mechanics of KOMA assembled and operated.

The installations can be built as dry or humid climate-climate-implementation so that you the guarantee that your products during storage do not lose their taste and quality. The installations are available optionally with short pressure wall and heating ceiling system.

The UK-installation is particularly suitable as a inventory buffer for all types of products wrapped or unwrapped, finished product or semi-finished product.

Your KOMA-installation works according to the KOMA TLR-formula, with a constant temperature, the desired humidity level and a uniform air circulation in the installation ensure that the products, while maintaining quality, kept for long periods of time can be.

System description

  • Powerful evaporators and compressors
  • KOMA KControl computerised control system
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Hygiene lamps can be used
  • Long-lasting energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Option: storage climate for chocolate related products (high temperature-low humidity control)

CDS Sunriser: Dough Conditioning (-20°C / +35°C)

Crucial for the high quality of your products form the CDS SunRiser are the construction and the technical components of the system. In addition to the typical massive design of KOMA fittings, you should also consider the following technical features:

  • Coated evaporators for optimal acid protection
  • Active humidification for optimal regulating of the chamber's humidity levels across the whole width of the unit 
  • Wideband seal on KOMA proprietary doors to avoid mould formation 
  • Stainless steel rear wall for even distribution of the air to counter skin removal and drying out of the goods

System description

  • Separate, speed-controlled radial fans
  • KOMA KControl computerised control system
  • Remote monitoring
  • Inner evaporation principle (no external steam device) 
  • Evaporator over the entire length of the room, with protective coating
  • Split special evaporator for extremely large surface area with high air throughput
  • Long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting


  • 8/12 cm PU insulation
  • Massive 3 mm stainless steel tub base
  • Removable and adjustable stainless steel pressure wall
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Impact protection inside and inspection panel in the door


  • NRE soundproofing housing
  • Separate condensers
  • Impact protection outside
  • Glycol registers save expensive electricity costs
  • Extended door treshold 

KOMA Coolbake

Don't sell no anymore: prepare and store your assortment for several days. It is easily done with KOMA Coolbake. Optimise the production process, produce during the day and have no shortages or surpluses. KOMA TLR formula in combination with the advanced K-Control you possess the optimum climate conditions for your product. The system can be equipped with the KOMA KAM module to prevent mold formation. This allows you to always meet the highest hygiene requirements.