KOMA Software

See just what our latest generation of control systems can do!

In 2006 KOMA set the industry benchmark for refrigerated conditioning units with its then newly developed sunriserAT (Advanced Technology) touchscreen computerised control system, and it fully merited the awards that it won for it. As everyone knows, standing still means going backwards, so the control system has been continually enhanced and updated. In 2012 KOMA decided to develop a new version of the tried and trusted SunriserAT control system which was now reaching the limits of its capabilities. Now after two years of development (using our own hardware and software developers) KOMA is launching its new generation of control systems onto the market. We think we have fully achieved the goal of producing an innovative, intuitively operated control system.

Control system

TouchScreen - The new multi-functional refrigeration control system from KOMA

Our software provides a variety of options for recording and evaluating temperature curves. Graphic displays or tables and temperature recording in line with legal requirements (HACCP documentation and retention requirements). It also allows the system to be controlled from a central PC which may well be at an entirely different location such as your home. Installation on a standard PC is no problem – and if you wish we will be pleased to help you with this too.