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Deep-freeze storage units

UVD: for packaged or pre-frozen goods (-18°C / -28°C)

Products are quickly frozen to the core immediately after being placed in the unit, which helps to preserve the quality of the products. If you wish to store unpacked bakery products for a long period, then the UVR or even the RDV may be a more suitable unit:


UVR: with air circulation via a short pressurisation wall for unpacked products

Due to the specific conditions in the unit which are ideal for frozen storage, it is less well suited for the processing of large batches of fresh products. In this case it is better to carry out the freezing in a KOMA blast freezer.


RDV: with air circulation via a long pressurisation wall

This unit provides you with a constant level of quality, and it lets you make more efficient and economic use of your dough preparation process. The manufactured stocks of dough pieces can then be directly fermented using the KOMA dough conditioning system.

Deep-freeze cabinets

SVHD: Door cabinet system (+15°C / -28°C)

With its SVHD cabinet KOMA offers you a technically perfected solution for storing both semi-finished and finished patisserie products as well as unbaked products.

  • SVHD deep-freeze and/or recovery cabinet without humidification
  • SVHD-2 with a temperature range of -20°C /+15°C
  • SVHD-2E with a temperature range of -18°C /-28°C


VHD: Storage cabinets in variable sizes (-18°C / -28°C)

Deep-freeze storage cabinet, ideally suited for producing stocks of smaller batches. Due to its modular design (2 storage drawers) the VHD cabinet can be easily adapted to the requirements of the specific place where it is to be used. Up to 5 sections can be incorporated into one system.

Raw materials storage unit

All-purpose refrigerated storage and chilling system (+2°C / +8°C)

The UK unit is ideal for providing a back-up supply of cake products, pastries or cream products, or for storing raw materials. Your KOMA unit operates according to the KOMA 'TLR' (temperature, air, relative humidity) formula, with constant temperature, high air humidity and even air circulation within the unit ensuring that the products can be stored for lengthy periods while retaining their quality. It's also important for all the fresh products to be blast frozen or chilled, for only then can you be sure that your products don't lose their flavour and quality over the course of the storage period.

KOMA recommends:
BLUECAT hygiene lighting system
for preventing mould growth
KOMA recommends:
BLUECAT hygiene lighting system
for preventing mould growth

H-80/20 System

The insulation of the KOMA cabinets is made of rigid polyurethane foam (CFC-free, high-pressure foamed) and it is manufactured using the sandwich system and the conical clamping process (not a standard, glued insulation panel). Thanks to the modular design with a pair of doors (one above the other) in each section, the system can be very easily adapted to the amount of space that is available. The system can be extended both physically and in terms of its refrigeration capacity even years later by adding another section to it. The H-cabinet is mounted on adjustable stainless steel feet, so no major floor works are needed. The interior is made of stainless steel. The individual storage trays have rounded corners. There is a built-in internal water outlet. The H-cabinet consequently meets the highest hygiene standards. The individual doors are of course fitted with a door heating system.

H-80/20 System

When products are blast frozen the system provides roughly 80% of its capacity for the blast freezing section, while the remaining 20% capacity is used for the other storage compartments. This is controlled by the KOMA KControl computerised control system. The refrigeration circuit is made from high-quality components which meet the rigorous Dutch SEKT standard. Separately installed, semi-hermetically sealed, reciprocating compressors and high-quality evaporator and condenser systems ensure that adequate refrigeration capacity is always available.

HN cabinet range

Plug-in combinations of units with up to 4 doors per unit (+7°C / -5°C, -18°C / -30°C)

KOMA consequently offers products for the entire cabinet sector from deep-freezing to recovery units. The outstanding features of the cabinet range are not just a compact design for 60x40 cm trays, but also the high quality for which KOMA is renowned. The cabinets feature the KOMA KControl computerised control system, with the tried and trusted KOMA remote monitoring system as an additional option. The panels, doors and control system are all built in-house at KOMA. This ensures that the products supplied and the service provided are of a consistently high standard. With its range of cabinets supplementing its well-known and established Populair range (fully automated proofer units), KOMA provides a comprehensive product offering.