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KTR TurboRunner

Conveyor freezer system for blast freezing, cooling and conditioning (-18°C / -38°C)

This system is designed for high outputs of 500 kg per hour up to 2,000 kg per hour and it can be integrated into automated production lines through the use of conveying technology.

Despite its solid construction, the TurboRunner can be flexibly adapted to changes in the capacity or structure of your production operations. The system's modular design in 3-metre sections enables one or more additional sections to be added to it.

One of the advantages of the linear movement of the belt is a longer life of the conveyor belt by less friction and thereby lower energy consumption by the drive motor. Because of the good accessibility of the sections, cleaning the KTR is very easy so that one easily can easily meet the hygiene requirements (HACCP). In addition, the KTR is particularly suitable for sensitive products that can be damaged by conventional spiral systems because of the curves.