Constant quality. Constantly.



Part of the perfect installation is service that exceeds your expectations. We realise this by your monitoring your installation online 24/7. That means we often pick up on problems before you notice them, when a door is left open accidentally for example. Because we know how essential a seamless cooling process is to your business, we will make sure you can depend on the consistent quality of your installation.

Online monitoring 24/7

With the KOMA software, you can be confident that your installation is constantly monitored 24/7 by a dedicated KOMA team. So, if any deviations or faults arise, we can act quickly before any damage is done.KOMA’s innovative KControl software also gives you the ability to quickly gain an insight. 

Benefits of online monitoring

  • Keep production downtime or interruptions to a minimum
  • Your equipment is monitored day and night and you have control over quality 24/7
  • By using KControl, action can be taken to resolve a problem before the quality of your product is compromised
  • Reduce loss of quality to end products and unnecessary power consumption
  • Problems like open doors are reported immediately, saving on energy costs
  • Data from KControl can be used to create a temporary solution, preventing an interruption to production
  • If you are not physically present at the production process, you still have all the critical information available with KControl